Cleaning with microfiber cloths

Penny, our Arie Clean resident cleaning expert, says microfiber cloths are the way to go when cleaning most ANY surface in your home. From glass stovetop ovens and stainless steel refrigerators to windows and floors, a microfiber cloth can replace paper towels, sponges, and towels.

Microfiber cloths are both environmentally friendly AND less expensive.

The unique microfiber composition of these amazing and magical cloths’ ALONE picks up 99% of bacteria on home surfaces.

Infection Control Today says…

“In independent studies such as those published by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)1 and by Dr. William Rutala,2 extremely fine (.37 micrometer diameter) microfiber was both laboratory and clinically tested and proven to remove up to 98 percent of bacteria and 93 percent of viruses from a surface using only water (no chemicals).”

Any 16oz Arie Clean Spray purchase comes with 1 microfiber cloth that can be used on any household surface. You can also pick up a set of 5 or a set of 10.

The GSE, grams per square meter, of our microfiber cloths are 540. As a rule of thumb, a good quality towel should have at least 250 GSM or more.

What makes cleaning with a microfiber cloth superior to the normal kitchen towel or paper towel?

Microfibers are able to attach themselves to even the smallest, most microscopic dirt particles—ones that normal cloth towel fibers leave behind.

Cotton fibers have been shown to only remove 30% of the bacteria and 23% of the viruses from a contaminated environmental surface.

Color-Coded Cleaning

When using microfiber cloths for cleaning multiple surfaces, it is important to adopt a color-coded system.

For example:

  • Green for general cleaning and dusting.
  • Yellow for kitchen & bathroom countertop surfaces
  • Red for toilet bowl cleaning.
  • Light blue for floors.
  • Blue for mirrors, windows, and glass.

Washing Microfiber Cloths

  • Wash separately, if possible.
  • Wash on warm setting.
  • Dry on a low heat setting.
  • Never use fabric softener on microfiber cloths.

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